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How to change my password for E&V Gmail/Life?

Log into and sign.

On the top, you’ll see your name.

Click the arrow beside it, and click Change Password.

Where can I learn about using the systems and tools that E&V offers?

The best resource is to use is our Academy Online Learning Suite. Visit

For How-To documents and marketing materials, visit

How do I submit a listing to ShopTV?

Please visit to submit a listing.

To remove a listing, please email

Where do my listings get syndicated to?

Our listings get syndicated to, JsmesEdition, Juwai, ListHub (which includes 80+ partners), MansionGlobal,, Wall Street Journal, NYTimes, and the Zillow Group.

How do I get to my personal mobile app?

Visit on a mobile device. Replace FirstNameLastName with your name. From there you can download & share your app. Make sure any previous installations are uninstalled first.